The Kimberley Clean Energy Plan demonstrates that it is possible to transition to 60-90% RE in the Kimberley while creating savings of a minimum of $30/MWh in the wholesale price of electricity. The generation mix modelled is for solar, wind and batteries to be rolled out across every town and community in the West Kimberley region. In total, 117 MW of Wind and 97 MW of utility-scale solar PV generation can be installed, with battery storage of 132 MWh, whilst retaining some fossil-fuelled backup.


An investment of $449 m in RE ($560 m total investment), amortised over 25 years, would save more than $45 m in fuel costs per year. When loan repayments (from higher capital expenditure for renewables) and operating costs are accounted for, overall annual savings are estimated at $14.8 m per year.